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Read the frequent questions and answers below regarding: user overpayment, monthly parking I PASS™ permits, Parking Invoice, the Whoosh! Pay-by-Phone app and H PASS™ cards.

User Overpayment

+ I overpaid for parking by pressing the same button on the pay station multiple times.

If you overpaid for parking you are required to validate that your vehicle was not parked in the parking lot for the amount of time that you agreed to pay for.

+ I overpaid for parking by accident.

If you overpaid for parking you are required to validate that your vehicle was not parked in the parking lot for the amount of time that you agreed to pay for.

+ What do I do if I do not recognize a charge on my credit card?

If you do not recognize a charge on your credit card please call your credit card company to verify the charge.

+ The pay station did not return my change.

Parking lot’s with gated parking systems: If the pay station was unable to return your change, a credit receipt will be printed. Please visit the parking office with your credit note to receive your change.

Parking lot’s with single spaces meters: When using a single space meter please ensure you input the exact change or pay with credit card.

Monthly Parking I PASS™ Permits

+ What if I fail to cancel my monthly parking subscription within the 30 days terms and conditions?

To cancel your monthly parking or I PASS™ subscription you are required to provide Precise ParkLink with 30 days notice prior to the date you require the charges to be discontinued. Provide your 30 days notice:

Monday- Friday

9:00a.m- 5:00p.m EST

(416) 243-6990

Email Us

+ How much notice is required to cancel my monthly parking subcription?

We require 30 days’ notice to cancel your monthly parking or I PASS™ subscription.

For example, if you cancel your monthly parking subscription on July 5th, your monthly parking subscription payment will end effective August 5th. Provide your 30 days notice:

Monday- Friday

9:00a.m- 5:00p.m EST

(416) 243-6990

Email Us

+ What do I do if I lost my monthly parking pass?

If you lose your monthly parking pass or I PASS™ a replacement fee to obtain a new pass is required. The replacement fee is specific to the parking facility you have a subscribed to. To find out how much the replacement fee is contact:

Monday- Friday

9:00a.m- 5:00p.m EST

(416) 243-6990

Email Us

Parking Invoice

+ I could not pay for parking because the pay station was not functioning. Can I have my parking invoice voided?

If a pay station is not functioning you are required to use an alternative pay station or use the mobile parking app to pay for parking.

Dispute your Parking Invoice.

+ Will I have to pay the increased amount if my dispute is not accepted after the seven day early payment period?

If you submitted your Parking Invoice dispute within the seven day early payment period and your dispute is not accepted, you are not required to pay the increased Parking Invoice amount. Instead, you are only required to pay the seven-day early payment period amount.

+ I did not pay for parking due to an emergency. Can my invoice be voided?

If your vehicle occupies space on private property with paid parking regulations, paying for parking is required.

Dispute your Parking Invoice.

+ How do I pay a Parking Invoice online?

To pay your Parking Invoice online, CLICK HERE. Enter your Parking Invoice # and License Plate # in the correct fields. Click verify parking invoice, and follow the payment prompts.

Flowbird Pay-by-Phone Parking

+ What is flowbird mobile parking?

Flowbird is a mobile parking app that allows motorists to pay for parking using their mobile device or computer.

+ How can parking enforcement verify that I have paid for parking using the flowbird app?

Parking enforcement is cloud-based, enabling patrollers to look up current records of valid parking payment transactions for vehicles. There is no need to display a receipt on a vehicle dashboard as evidence of payment. However, you can still view or print a summary of your receipts and parking sessions via the app or website

+ Can I use my flowbird account from anywhere?

Yes you can use your account to pay for parking with flowbird from anywhere. Your flowbird account can be used in all the locations that offer the service. Visit the locations where the service is available.

+ Is my payment secure?

Yes payment using the flowbird app are highly secure. The flowbird payment system is certified to Payment Card Industry standards.

+ How much does it cost to use flowbird?

Registration to the Flowbird service is free. Just create your account on or via the Google playstore (Android) or Apple IOS (iPhone) applications. Register the license plate number of the vehicle you are to park. During your first flowbird transaction, you will enter your debit/credit card information, which is stored securely so you never have to enter it again. When you select and purchase a parking transaction with flowbird, you pay the standard parking fee charged by the parking operator (private operator, local authority, university, hospital etc) within the location you are parking, plus an additional convenience fee for use of the flowbird service to purchase your parking session. You will be notified of the total parking transaction fee prior to you confirming your payment and the start of your paid parking session.

+ Can I register more than one car in my account?

When you register, you need to supply the license plate number of the vehicle that you are going to be parking. At a later stage, you can add/register other vehicles to your account via the My Account page, or when you perform your next parking transaction.

+ How can I modify my telephone number?

You can access the interface for modifying your personal data from the My Account page on the app or website.

+ My current transaction cannot be seen in the history. Why?

Current transactions are not listed in the history section, but instead, they are displayed on the current transactions page. Your most recent transaction will be displayed in the history of transactions after expiry.

+ How can I disable options relating to SMS text messages?

If you have opted for text message alerts and notifications, they will be applied automatically when your parking transaction is made. To prevent text message reminders you must modify your choice of options in your device settings.

If you are unable to create an account, please ensure all required fields are correctly entered. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our customer support team.

+ When I try to register, my phone number or email address information is rejected, what can I do ?

If there is no error with the telephone number or email address you entered, this means your information is likely already registered to another existing account. If you have already created an account with the same information, you must either modify or delete your information or details. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our customer support team.

+ Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can delete your account and details. Please contact our customer support team.

My account is blocked after 3 attempts of incorrect PIN/password entry. After 3 unsuccessful incorrect attempts, your account will be blocked. Your PIN/password can be reset via the "forgot PIN code or password" option

+ Is it possible to download the Flowbird application in another country?

Yes! the Flowbird application can be downloaded from diffrent versions of Apple (IOS) Store and Google (Android) Playstore. Flowbird app is currently available in diffrent countries. If you smartphone is not connected to these stores, you will not be able to view the application

+ I entered the wrong location code when I performed my flowbird parking transaction?

Unfortunately your parking transaction cannot be cancelled or changed at this stage. You must perform and make payment for a further valid parking transaction with the correct location code. You will otherwise receive a parking or penalty charge notice. I have received a parking or penalty charge notice (PCN). Flowbird is not responsible for you receiving parking or penalty charge notices (PCN). Please check that your parking transaction has been confirmed and/or is in the transaction history of your Whoosh account. You must verify that all details entered by you (license plate and location code) are valid. If you receive a PCN and you believe that your parking session was correctly confirmed. You are entitled to appeal to the parking operator directly for the location you are parked at. You must retain evidence/details of any valid parking payment being performed for your parking session.

+ How can I verify that my parking transaction/session is valid?

If you have selected the email notification option, you will receive an email confirming your parking transaction. If you have not selected email notification, you can confirm your paid parking session within the current transactions section of the app. You cannot consider your parking session transaction valid until verified. Once your parking session has expired, your parking transaction will appear in your transaction history.

+ Will I automatically get a reminder when my paid parking session is about to expire?

If you have opted to receive an SMS message to notify you when your parking session will soon expire, you will receive an expiry notification via SMS.

+ Can I obtain a summary of parking payments made?

Yes, on your Account/History page, you can export your history of paid parking session transactions.

 H PASS™ Cards

+ What is H PASS™?

H PASS™ is a preloaded multi-day card for 5, 10 or 30 days that gives patients and frequent visitors a discounted parking rate. The H PASS™ card allows for “in-and-out” privileges within the same visit.

+ Are H PASS™ cards transferrable?

Yes. H PASS™ cards are transferable between patients, family members, caregivers and visitors.

+ What is the H PASS™ Family Option?

The H PASS Family Option is ideal for families that have multiple members who plan on visiting a patient. With the Family H PASS™ Option, up to 5 cards can be issued under one account, allowing all family members’ access to the number of days purchased. While uses can be shared among family members and visitors, two or more cards registered under the same account cannot be in the parking lot at the same time for more than 30 minutes. Additional parking charges will apply to users who stay beyond the 30-minute grace period.

+ Where can I purchase an H PASS™ card?

You can purchase and activate an H PASS™ card in your hospital’s Parking Office (if applicable to the location). If the hospital does not have a Parking Office, please refer to the signage in the parking lot or visit the hospital’s Information Desk to find out where you can purchase an H PASS card at your particular location.

+ How many days can I purchase an H PASS™ card for?

You can purchase an H PASS™ card for 5, 10 or 30 days.

+ What is the least amount of days that an H PASS™ card can be purchased for?

The minimum amount of days an H PASS™ card can be purchased for is 5 days. All H PASS™ cards are preloaded.

+ What is the maximum amount of days that an H PASS card can be purchased for?

The maximum amount of days an H PASS card can be purchased for is 30 days. All H PASS™ cards are preloaded. If you require additional days you must purchase another H PASS™ card.

+ How do I activate an H PASS card?

If you purchase an H PASS™ card at a Parking Office the Customer Service Representative will immediately activate your card. If you purchase your H PASS™ card at another location (i.e. at a hospitals gift shop) and the representative there does not have the means to activate your H PASS™ card, please contact Precise ParkLink’s H PASS™ Customer Care Team to activate your card. Precise ParkLink’s H PASS™ Customer care team is available: Monday to Friday

9:00a.m - 5:00p.m EST

(416) 398-4052 ext: 585.

Email Us

Your H PASS™ Card can be used immediately once it is activated.

+ Will my H PASS card work on the same day that it is activated?

Yes. Your H PASS™ card can be used immediately once it is activated.

If your vehicle is parked at the hospital prior to when the H PASS card is activated you must pay for parking as you normally would for the visit. Your H PASS card will be ready to use at your next hospital visit.

+ Can I use my H PASS™ card to exit the parking lot if I did not use it to enter the parking lot?

No. If you did not enter the parking lot with your H PASS™ card you will not be able to exit the parking lot using an H PASS™ card.

+ Can I enter and exit the parking lot using two different H PASS™ cards?

No. You must enter and exit the parking lot using the same H PASS™ card.

+ How do I enter a parking lot using an H PASS™ card?

To enter a parking lot using your H PASS™ card, insert your H PASS™ card into the credit card slot that is located at the parking lot’s gate entrance, just like you would with a credit card.

+ I no longer need my H PASS™ card.

Preloaded H PASS™ cards are valid for one year from the date you activate the account and are non-refundable.

+ If my H PASS™ card is lost or stolen.

If you misplace your H PASS™ card please contact our H PASS™ support team to report the lost card.

The card code is needed in order to deactivate the lost card and issue a new card. A new card will be issued with the remainder amount of parking sessions left.

Report my card lost or stolen.

+ Which parking lot's is my H PASS card valid in?

To find out what parking lots your H PASS card is valid in, please contact the location's parking office or CLICK HERE to contact Precise ParkLink's H PASS team.

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