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+ What is Whoosh! pay-by-phone? ?

Whoosh! is Pay-by-Phone parking technology that allows motorist to pay for parking using their mobile device.

+ Do I need to print or display a receipt on my dashboard?

No, displaying a parking receipt on your dash board is not required. For your records, you can print a summary of your receipts via the web site www.WhooshStore.com. Receipts will also be emailed to you.

+ How can parking enforcement officers see that I have paid by phone?

Parking enforcement officers use a wireless device, which look up the database of valid transactions.

+ Can I use my Whoosh pay-by-phone parking account everywhere?

Yes, Whoosh! accounts can be used in all cities or parking lots that use the service.

+ Is my pay-by-phone parking payment secure?

Yes. Payment processing through Whoosh! abides by bank standards, Level-1 (highest level) Payment Card Industry (PCI) security.

+ How much does it cost?

When you make a parking transaction with Whoosh!, you pay the standard parking fee charged by the parking operator in your location and an additional convenience fee for using the service. You will be notified of the total transaction amount prior to confirming the transaction.

+ Can I register more than one car under my account?

Yes, Whoosh! mobile parking technology allows for more than one vehicle to be registered under one account.

+ How can I modify my telephone number?

You can access the interface for modifying your personal data from the My Account page of the web site www.WhooshStore.com or on the mobile app.

+ My current transaction cannot be seen in the history. Why is that?

Current transactions are not listed in the history, but instead are indicated on the current transaction page. The transaction will be displayed in the history after it expires.

+ How can I disable the options relating to SMS text messages?

If you have opted for the sending of confirmation/ end-of-transaction reminder text messages in your account, they will be applied automatically when parking transactions are made. To stop text message notifications, you must modify your choices in the account management interface.

+ I am unable to create an account.

When registering for a Whoosh mobile parking account, please ensure that all required fields are filled in. if that does not solve the problem, please contact our support team by filling out the form on the contact page of www.WhooshStore.com.

+ When I try to register, my telephone number and/ or email address I am rejected.

If there is no error in the entered telephone number or email address, it is likely that they are registered for another account. If you have already created another account with the same information, you must either modify or delete it. If not, please contact our support team by filling out the form on the contact page of www.WhooshStore.com.

+ I entered the wrong location when I made my parking transaction.

Parking transactions cannot be cancelled. You must make a new transaction with the correct location. Otherwise you could receive a parking invoice.

+ How can I make sure my transaction is valid?

If you have selected the option to receive SMS text message, you will receive a message that you have made a parking transaction. If not, the appearance of the transaction in the current transaction interface acts as confirmation. You cannot consider your transaction to be valid until it appears there.

+ Will I get a reminder when my parking time runs out?

If you have selected the option to receive SMS text message at the end of your parking time, you will receive a message informing you that your parking time is about to run out.

+ Can I have a summary of the payments I have made?

On the My Account/ History page, you can classify and export the history of your transactions.

+ Can I get a refund if I agreed to pay for longer than I parked?

When using the Whoosh! Pay-by-Phone parking app you are required to pre-select your parking duration. Time to your parking duration can be added but not reduced.

+ I overpaid for parking using the Whoosh! app. can I get a refund?

To receive a refund for your overpayment, you must validate that your vehicle was not parked in the parking lot for the amount of time that you agreed to pay for.

+ What do I do if I paid for parking using my Whoosh! app, but received a parking invoice?

You have the option to dispute the Parking Invoice. Learn how to dispute your Parking Invoice.

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