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+ I could not pay for parking because the pay station was not functioning. Can I have my parking invoice voided?

If a pay station is not functioning you are required to use an alternative pay station or use the mobile parking app to pay for parking.

+ Will I have to pay the increased amount if my dispute is not accepted after the seven day early payment period?

If you submitted your Parking Invoice dispute within the seven day early payment period and your dispute is not accepted, you are not required to pay the increased Parking Invoice amount. Instead, you are only required to pay the seven-day early payment period amount.

+ I did not pay for parking due to an emergency. Can my invoice be voided?

If your vehicle occupies space on private property with paid parking regulations, paying for parking is required.

+ How do I pay a Parking Invoice online?

To pay your Parking Invoice online, CLICK HERE. Enter your Parking Invoice # and License Plate # in the correct fields. Click verify parking invoice, and follow the payment prompts.

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